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S.R.B Surface rounding brush 

Easily Restore Performance and Reduce Maintenance Costs

The Surface rounding brush is a preventative maintenance tool that is used while a DC motor or generator is operating. The SRB is designed to gently remove rough spots and non-conductive patinas that can have a detrimental affect on commutator or slip ring surfaces.

  • can be used with any brush grade 
  • one SRB per brush track 
  • consistent with existing brush design 
  • extend time between commutator overhaul 
  • reduces wear on existing brushes 
  • reduces commutator runout 
  • can be made in 'fit and forget' style 

An SRB consists of a conductive abrasive insert within a carbon brush. MORGAN INDUSTRIAL CARBON formulates and positions the abrasive material to make each SRB compatible to its application. Thus an SRB does not limit output during its temporary use. An alternative design incorporating a short length (stub) of SRB material enables 'fit and forget' use where the stub performs its function and wears away leaving the normal brush.

When used in a maintenance program, the SRB's can extend service life between major overhauls and help prevent unscheduled downtime. The SRB needs only to be used for a short period of time until the commutator surface has been rounded, then the brushes can be removed for use another day.

Operating Information
These symptoms call for SRB maintenance.

  • Rough commutator or slip ring 
  • Sudden appearance of brush sparking/arcing 
  • Destructive slot bar marking or pitch bar marking 
  • Periodic burning or roughing of commutator caused by excessive loading or contamination 
  • Noisy brushes 

Replace a standard brush with a compatible SRB. Usually one SRB per brush path will suffice. More than one may be installed if the commutator or collector is very large or has severe problems.

Monitor the progress of the SRB action. As soon as the surface has been restored, re-install the standard brush(es). SRB's can be reused.

How to order
To order the SRB to properly suit your machine please supply MORGAN INDUSTRIAL CARBON with details of the standard brush being used and specifications of the machine.

Technical Data
The graph is based on the following information:

  • Brush Pressure: 351 g/cm sqr 
  • Brush Size: 19.0 * 38.1 mm 
  • Machine speed: 1800 RPM 
  • Commutator Diameter 254mm 
  • Machine Operation 24 hrs/day 

Due to the amount of copper that needs to be removed, the time to reduce commutator runout depends upon the type of eccentricity. For example the amount of time it takes to correct a few high bars is less than the time required to correct a few low bars.

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Morgan Carbon
A Division of Morgan Crucible