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Collector Products

Carbon collectors are produced in all shapes and sizes to cater for customer requirements.

Applications include:

  • Crane collector rails 
  • Pantograph carbon strips 
  • Overhead trailing cable systems 
  • Drum controller contacts 

Please contact us to provide details of your specific requirement

Sliding carbons

Morgan Industrial Carbon are a major supplier of both plain and metallised carbon strips to suit transit pantograph systems.

Carbon strips provide the advantage of low overhead wear, and long life compared with sintered metal materials.

Following are samples of sliding carbon products. Click on the image to expand view

Pan head assembly showing carbon strip

Pan head assembly using carbon strip

Sheathed carbon strip

Third rail collector shoe

Linear carbons

Linear current transfer systems 

Working in close collaboration with our customers, MORGAN-REKOFA has been able to acquire a leading market position in the sector of complete systems for linear current transfer.

The development of new contact carriers and contact materials in line with changing market requirements are just some of the challenges we relish taking on. The vast experience we have gained, be it in the field of tool manufacturing for plastics processing, or any other for that matter, make us the partner with precisely the right kind of expertise needed for devising customised solutions.

Our company offers system solutions for combining plastic, metal and sliding-action contacts 

Many manufacturing centres use tool guide, conveyor and travel rails with our current transfer systems 

Rotary collectors

Rotating transfer systems 
Innovation and reliability

Given the different kinds of current transfer systems, our many years of experience in processing carbon stands us in good stead. For a great number of years now, sectors of industry, such as crane builders, and the printing and paper industry, as well as the food industry for its filling lines and plants, have put their faith in our modern and reliable current transfer systems.

The latest developments featuring optical fibre technology can be found integrated into many applications, including robot-controlled systems for welding manipulators in the automotive industry.

Wind power plants are setting environmental standards in the production of electricity – a growth market where MORGAN-REKOFA has taken a leading position with individual and user-specific solutions for current transfer.

We are innovative and flexible partners for the manufacture of products that demand total reliability. The highest standards during all stages of manufacturing coupled with continuous production monitoring are a guarantee for the widely acknowledged high quality of our products, which all helps to explain why we not only enjoy DIN-ISO 9001 certification, but also why we regularly receive quality awards from our major customers.

Achieving long-lasting mutual success through partnerships – this is the vision that always takes centre stage in our business philosophy. Hands-on, innovative and with the know-how in a whole variety of sectors, we gear our activities exclusively to our customers’ requirements.

Optoelectronic developments permit intelligent new methods of current and data transfer

The high speeds the roller drives attain in modern printing machines place the greatest demands on the reliability of our slip ring joints 

Morgan Industrial Carbon
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Morgan Carbon
A Division of Morgan Crucible